Make your Awesome Day, SKY FESTIVAL!

Let’s Play & Fly


Incheon Airport invites you to come and enjoy 2022 SKY FESTIVAL

Incheon Airport SKY FESTIVAL has been held every fall (cancelled in 2020) since 2004 to express gratitude to airport resident staff and passengers and to provide the beauty of Korean culture to countless foreigners who visited the airport.

The “2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival,” which has become a global outdoor music festival with 30,000 domestic and foreign visitors as well as various performances such as K-POP and CROSSOVER, is the only airport festival with diverse programs such as Together Value, Design Pop-up Stores, Picnic, Art Book Markets, Stamp Tours, etc.

Please enjoy the special event in your precious daily life with the 2022 Incheon Airport Sky Festival.

CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation Kim, Kyung Wook


Incheon Airport HIPHOP Contest

09.23 (Fri.) 18:00

Final round of 19 domestic and overseas teams / Special Stage by Lee, Moo Jin and BE’O


K-POP Contest

09.24 (Sat.) 19:00

The Boyz, MAMAMOO, Kep1er, VIVIZ, Urban Zakapa, Lee, Seok Hoon, Gaho



09.25 (Sun.) 18:00

Lim, Dong Min, Danny Koo, Kai, Davichi, Conductor: Yang, Il Oh / Borodin Symphony Orchestra


Incheon Airport HIPHOP Contest

2022.09.23 (Fri.) 18:00 Incheon Airport Lawn Square

Competition of youth under 24 to create
new culture for future

Incheon Airport HIPHOP Contest

Incheon Airport Hiphop Contest

Let’s beat in the SKY!


이미지 준비 중입니다.




Aug. 19 (Fri.) ~ Sep. 11 (Sun.) 11:00(24 days)

Preliminary Round

Sep. 11 (Sun.) ~ Sep. 15 (Thur.)(Online, 5 days)

Result of Preliminary Round

Sep. 15 (Thur.)(Domestic 16 teams, Overseas 3 teams)

On-site Contest

Sep. 23 (Fri.) 18:00


E-mail the video less than 2 minutes (uncut version showing all participants) and application form (list of participants, personal information of leader/representative)


Rank# of TeamPrize
1st Place14 mill. KRW, Prize Board
2nd Place12 mill. KRW, Prize Board
3rd Place11 mill. KRW, Prize Board
Participation Prize20.5 mill. KRW, Prize Board

16 finalists – 0.2 mill. KRW / 3 overseas video contestants – 1 mill. KRW

Special Benefits for 1st Place winner

Congratulatory stage for Korea Hiphop Culture Association Award Night (end of year)

Present Special Prize on Korea Hiphop Culture Award Night

Benefit to enter the final round of contest (1 year – contests hosted by the Association / contests hosted or recommended by jury)

Recommendation for international contest (1 year)




Lee, Woo Sung




Mint Soul

Lee, Moo Jin


Host Incheon International Airport Corporation

OrganizerKorea Hiphop Culture Association

K-POP Contest

2022.09.24 (Sat.) 19:00

Brighter night sky with SKY FESTIVAL, Special day with K-POP Concert!

The Boyz




Urban Zakapa

Lee, Seok Hoon



2022.09.25 (Sun.) 18:00

Refreshing autumn, enjoy the sentiment of autumn night with high-quality CROSSOVER Concert

Lim, Dong Min

Danny Koo



Conductor: Yang, Il Oh / Borodin Symphony Orchestra


On-site Event

09.23 (Fri.) ~ 09.25 (Sun.)

Stamp Tour Event during SKY FESTIVAL 스카이 페스티벌 공연 관람 이벤트

* Raffle prize is only given to participants at the festival at the time of announcement, Prize received after deducting 22% of public charge and tax

Together Value, Design Pop-up Store

Heart of Dandelion

Provide warmth to the world by gathering small and imperfect hearts

Click to View


Dream of recovery of beautiful world where everyone can be together

Click to View

Spring Shine

Let’s create the society understanding and sympathizing with people with developmental disabilities

Click to View


Erase unseen line between disabled and non-disabled people

Click to View

Slow Design

Create the meaningful value of previous gestures of children with the slow study paper

Click to View

Picnic, Art Book Markets

Local revival collaboration art book market with independent bookstores and authors in Incheon, Seoul, and Gyeonggi region

Enjoy the book market with participations of 40 independent bookstores and authors

One-Day Art Class

Schedule (Last class starts 1 hour before the closing) Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 19:00 Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 18:00

Fee: Free

How to register : On-site registration (number of participants may vary for each class, check out whether possible to join the class on-site)

Art class 1: Plaster Air Freshener – Animal Plaster Air Freshener

Details Make a cute air freshener by adding parts with prepared animal plaster air freshener base

Schedule (Last class starts 1 hour before the closing)Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 19:00
Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 18:00

No. of ParticipantsMax. 16 per session (total 224 for 2 days)

Art class 2: My Hero / Little Ghost I Halloween

My Hero

DetailsSelect my own hero and decorate the hero doll and background

Schedule Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 19:00
(Last class starts at 18:00)

No. of ParticipantsMax. 6 per session (total 84 for 2 days)

Little Ghost in Halloween

DetailsLearn about the origin of Halloween and related stories and decorate little ghost doll with various decorating materials

Schedule Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 18:00
(Last class starts at 17:00)

No. of ParticipantsMax. 6 per session (total 84 for 2 days)

Art class 3: My own garden, terrarium

Details Provide DI Kit to make mini garden

Schedule (Last class starts 1 hour before the closing)Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 19:00
Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 18:00

No. of ParticipantsMax. 10 per session (total 140 for 2 days)

Art class 4: Pearl mirror : Shining pearl mirror

Details Decorate and make your own pearl mirror with DIY Kit

Schedule(Last class starts 1 hour before the closing)Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 19:00
Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 18:00

No. of ParticipantsMax. 8 per session (total 112 for 2 days)

Art class 5: Dreamcatcher: Sweet Dream, Dreamcatcher

Details Provide DIY Kit to make a dreamcatcher, Make your own sweet dream, dreamcatcher

Schedule(Last class starts 1 hour before the closing)Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 19:00
Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 18:00

No. of ParticipantsMax. 6 per session (total 84 for 2 days)

Giant Pop Art Exhibition

Exhibition Schedule

Sep. 23 (Fri.) ~ Oct. 31 (Mon.)

Artist: ARTNOM – Korean Pop Artist communicating with the public with pleasant and bold expressions

Incheon Airport Photo Exhibition

70 of prize-winning pieces from Incheon Airport Photo Contest

Ordinary but special moments of travel with photo

Sky Photo Studio, 4-Cut Airport

Photo culture with sentiment, What are your 4-cuts of airport?

Schedule Sep. 24 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 18:30
Sep. 25 (Sun.) 11:00 ~ 17:00

How to submit 3 cuts per team (print 1 film paper)

Stamp Tour

1Visit Sky Garden and 3 out of 4 Events [Together Value, Design Pop-up Stores / Picnic Art Book Markets / Giant Pop Art Exhibition / Incheon Airport Photo Exhibition], Take a photo for proof

2Get stamp on Info Desk, receive prize raffle ticket

3Write down your name and phone number at the back of raffle ticket (Raffle Box)

4Raffle event after concert


Give mask or eco-friendly pencil set to those who completed Stamp Tour (first-come-first-served / 8,000 entries)

Dyson Air Complete Set through raffle event

SKY FESTIVAL Concert Event

1Sep. 23 (Fri.) ~ Sep. 25 (Sun.) Concert Ticket Holder

2Check the ticket at Info Desk and receive raffle ticket

3Write down your name and phone number at the back of raffle ticket and put the ticket in the Raffle Box

4Raffle event after concert


Sep. 23 (Fri.) Incheon Airport HIPHOP ContestTravel voucher (1.5 mill. KRW), Apple Set (3 pieces), Google Play Gifticon (100,000 KRW)

Sep. 24 (Sat.) K-POP ConcertTravel voucher (1.5 mill. KRW), Apple Set (3 pieces), Apple Watch SE

Sep. 25 (Sun.) CROSSOVER ConcertTravel voucher (1 mill. KRW), Apple Watch SE, Mobile Gift Card for Convenient Store (100,000 KRW)



By car GPS Address: 2851-26, Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon
Take the right ramp 1km before Terminal 1 and drive 500m

By Subway or Bus Take off at Terminal 1
Get on a free shuttle bus in front of Exit 3 or Exit 12 on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1
Take off at International Business Complex (Government Building, Incheon International Airport Corporation)





Admission is restricted if you have a history of overseas visits or contact with a confirmed patient within the last 14 days, if your family is in self-quarantine, or if you have fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc.).
Please follow personal quarantine rules such as wearing a mask at all venues, hand hygiene (washing hands with water and soap for more than 30 seconds, and using hand sanitizer).